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Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

It’s cold, so let we cook a menu that make your body warm.
It is about soup, the one of simple healthy food recipes.
When I feel cold, I want to eat something warm and soft.
Today it’s a good day that my mom showing how to cook chicken soup !



Chicken Soup Ingredients

Chicken Soup Ingredients

1. Drumsticks chicken / chicken wings  200 g.
2. Tomato 3
3. Potatoes 1 head
4. Onion 1 head
5. Celery (if none, use Coriander instead)
6. Spring Onion, Chives
7. Salt ½ tsp
8. Water
9. Knorr powders

Chicken Soup Directions

1. Boiling water in the pot, wait until the water boils
2. Add the chicken and pounded coriander root to boil until cooked with low-middle heat

Chicken soup - Step 1 Boiling water in the pot

Chicken Soup- Step 2 Boiling Chicken








3. Prepare vegetables and cut into bite-size pieces as you like
4. When chicken is almost cooked, reduce to low heat.  Dip the rim of the spoon or ladle slowly below the foam and scoop it up

Chicken Soup - Step 3 Prepare Vegetables

Chicken Soup - Step 4. When chicken is almost cooked








5. Add vegetables for boiling, from potatoes first
6. Season with salt and Knorr powders

Chicken Soup - 5. put potatoes

Chicken Soup - 6 use knorr soup powder








7. Boil on medium heat about 5 minutes if the potatoes are cooked.
8. If it is not cooked, boiling until potatoes cooked.
9. Then add sliced onions and the sliced tomatoes.
10. Boiled until cooked and soft.

Chicken Soup - Step. 7 - 8 boil about 5 mins

Chicken Soup - Step 9 - 10 Add the onions and sliced tomatoes








11. Fill celery and onion.
12. No fill sugar, we use the sweet from vegetable by itself

Chicken Soup - step 11. Fill celery and onion

Chicken Soup - step 12. Ready to serve








This menu is made easy. For a family meal or food for child when cool.
It’s the alternative healthy and delicious chicken soup ! 

Chicken Soup
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