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Thai Chestnut

Thai Chestnut ( Luk gor )

From picture, the above is my small Japanese chestnut.
The bottom is done and it is much smaller than the Japanese chestnut.

It is called the “Luk gor” with taste like chestnuts but much smaller than.
There are a lot of thai chestnut originate in southern thailand (The others region don’t have).
They appear in October – November a lot. I Bought at 35 baht a kilo, not expensive !

Let ‘s go to cook Thai Chestnut

First, it must be soaked for about 2-3 hours, or more than that !.
Soaked to remove the bad seeds, because the bad seeds will float up and easy to scoop out.
And most importantly to reduce the time to roast.

Then, set the pan to heat. Roast with medium fire.
If thai chestnut be soaked before, just used only about 10-15 minutes to roast and it was cooked.

Thai Chestnut Soaked with water about 2-3 hrs.  Thai Chestnut - Roast about 10 to 15 mins

How to Eat Thai Chestnut !

Have many ways to knock it. I like it here, I took a small hammer to break the fast, easy and good.
It is important to eat on it is hot and rainy, I would say so.

Thai chestnut eating by using small hammer  Thai chestnut meat same with Japanese chestnut

Thai Chestnut meat, the taste is similar, but smaller than the japanese chestnut.
I eat only a little and it is empty fast but it was good fun when many people enjoy eating a good scramble.

Evidence of good taste

I would like to invite to a tasting here.
^ ^ Evidence of good taste thai chestnut ( see the picture 🙂 ).

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Thai Chestnut
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