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Thai banana fritters (Kluay khaek)


  • 9 maam waa bananas
  • 30 grams grated coconut
  • 80 grams rice flour
  • 20 grams tapioca flour
  • 20 grams white sesame seed
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 220 grams water
  • 500 grams cooking oil


Thai banana fritters Directions

  • Mix both kinds of flour with water, sugar, salt, white sesame seeds and grated coconut.
  • Stir until thoroughly mixed to obtain a fairly thick batter and no lump remains.
  • Peel the bananas, slice each lengthwise into 3-4 slices.
  • Heat the oil in a deep pan over high heat, when the oil is hot, dip the banana slices in the batter and fry until golden brown.
  • Remove and drain.

Thai Banana Fritters
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