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Thong Yod (The Egg Drop Coated in Syrup) is an ancient Thai dessert served in suspicious ceremonies.
It made from the mixture of egg yolk and flour boiled in syrup.
It is in popular family of desserts consisting of Thong (meaning Gold) in all of the names : Thong-yib, Thong-yod, Foy-Thong, all mean to wish everyone with gold; much money and treasure, and to spend forever.

Thong yod The Egg Drop Coated in SyrupThong Yod Ingredients

  • 6 egg yolks
  • 40-50 grams flour for golden egg drop

Syrup ingredients

  • 5 cup sugar
  • 3 cups jasmine water
  • Egg shells, rinsed well
  • Pandan leaves

Clear syrup ingredients

  • 3 cups sugar
  • 3 cups jasmine water
  • 2 pandan leaves

Method for syrup

  1. Squeeze egg shells with sugar until well mixed. Pour jasmine water and pandan leaves into the mixture.
  2. Heat this mixture until boiling and syrup get condensed.

Method for clear syrup

  1. Heat all ingredients until boiling. Let it cool.

Method for Thong Yod

  1. Beat the egg until fluffy. Gradually add flour. Pour a bowl.
  2. Heat the syrup until boiling.
  3. Split the flour with egg mixture into a brass pan.
  4. Thong Yod should look round with tiny tail, and translucent. Then spoon onto clear syrup.

How to drop the mixture

  1. The drop shape is formed by dropping the thick mixture from the tip of a finger into hot bubbling heavy syrup.
  2. The drops are then removed into still, cooled lighter syrup after cooking.

Good characteristics

  • Round with tiny tail.
  • Glossy and delicacy surface.
  • Both outer and inner of Thong Yod should be soft.
  • Not stench.

If you give Thong Yod or related desserts above (Thong-yib, Thong-yod, Foy-thong) to someone at a wedding, it means that you are wishing for them to have fabulous wealth in the future.

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Thong Yod (The Egg Drop Coated in Syrup)
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