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Fried Shrimp Pasta

Today I give fried shrimp pasta for everybody.
If you do not have a Pasta, can use Macaroni instead.

About ingredients, not same like me you can use everything in the refrigerator which can put into pasta and make it delicious in your style ^^



Fried Shrimp Pasta Ingredients »

Fried Shrimp Pasta Ingredients

1. Pasta
2. Butter
3. Shrimp
4. Sausage, cheese (optional, but I have and want to eat it at home)
5. Carrot, Onion (cut into a small rectangle), and minced garlic
6. Tomato Ketchup
7. Sauce, Fish sauce, Sugar and Pepper

I don’t say the quantity because anyone like not the same. So just taste more until you are satisfied.
(We can add other vegetables to taste it again such as tomatoes, peas, corn, but today just above only)

Let go to cook …

Fried Shrimp Pasta Direction »

First, must boil the pasta before and how to cook depend on the type of pasta that purchased and instruction found at pack (or bag), it is not difficult.
Today i use pasta about 1/3 bag because just for 2-3 people.
When cooked, leave it and go to next step.

Boiled pasta about 1/3 Bag  When cooked, Leave pasta and go to next step

Stir-fry garlic and butter until it’s look yellow (About 3 cloves of minced garlic, butter about 1 tablespoon) and chopped yellow onion, then add onion and stir to cook it.
When cooked, then put a carrot and stir to combine. (can boiled carrot before cooking – for fast cooked)

Put a carrot and Stir all together

Then add shrimp / stir it a little / then season it with tomato sauce or soy sauce, sugar, pepper, then add sausage and pasta.
Mix well and taste it. Off the fire and ready to serve now ^^

Add shrimp, tomato sauce or soy sauce, sugar, pepper, then add sausage  Ready to serve !

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Fried Shrimp Pasta
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